Brand Identity

Your brand is how people perceive your company and branding is the actions you take to build a certain image of your company. The collection of tangible brand elements that together create one brand image is the brand identity. Branding is beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. At Mykr we like to keep designs minimal, timeless, and rememberable. 

Logo Design

We craft custom logos that reveal your identity, invites your audience to get to know you, distinguishes your brand from the competition, and facilitates brand loyalty. 

Brand Guide

Extend your logo with a Brand guide that you can share with others to ensure consistency. The brand Guide will include your logo, color palettes, font styles, and more!

Package Design

Your product packaging should be an extension of your brand. Let's create an eye-catching package that will give your costumers an experience that connects them.