Websites & Ecommerce

Whether you’re looking to bring your business online through an existing web platform or have a website built from the ground up, Mykr has you covered. We offer solutions that fit most budgets and we are experts with a diverse set of web platforms, tech stacks, integrations, and code. To us, design matters and our team of creatives are ready to take your ideas and craft a beautiful website with an engaging user experience that will connect your brand with your audience. Bring your business online with Mykr!


Skip the technical part of building a website and get full assistance with theme installation, layout, styling, and launch.


Create a clean, attractive and simple to use online store to reach broader audiences on the web and expand the sales of your goods or services .


We transform our customers' brilliant ideas into gorgeous sites that visitors can't help but love. Get leads and look good doing it.


We work with many of the top vendors that can help stream line your online work flow and integrate your website and platforms with each other.


Our dev team is current with the latest code and tech to develop a custom website tailored to suit your business perfectly.


Once your website is live, you’ll want to increase your presence. How do you do that? Simple. Grow online traffic with Mykr SEO & PPC services.